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Heritage Culture Festival & Food

Heritage Culture Festival & Food

Sanganeri¬†printing is an art form, which focuses on motifs from nature, such as using insects to get red & purple colours. Artisans use wood or metal blocks with designs engraved on them as a die.the block that is used for creating these magnificent designs, Block is usually made of teak wood and one of its side is carved with the design that will be printed on the fabric. The block is then placed into a tray filled with dye and then pressed against the cloth to form stunning prints. It’s one of the best selling, exclusive items of Rajasthan. #Sanganer. It is 8 kilometers from the city of Jaipur and has been a major center for producing this beautiful art. A variety of textile material is exported from this place, especially the Sanganeri print. This fascinating art usually involves printing on a white background. Traditional¬†#Rajasthani¬†print generally comprises of animals like horses, elephants, peacocks, camels etc., and figures of Gods and Goddesses.During the ancient times, the fabric with this print was mainly for the royal families but now it can be found in every home.

How to reach the village – 8 km from the capital city of Jaipur
Transport – own car or hire car
Prefer for – shopping , art & culture

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